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Fly Tipping Removal

Fly tipping is the dumping of waste onto unlicensed land.  It is damaging to the environment, ugly and illegal. It can include bulky waste, electrical items, Fridges, Hazardous waste, syringes and chemical waste.

Fly tipping is happening more and more due to unlicensed Man&Van dumping their waste costing tax payers millions year on year this takes place in many places including playgrounds, country lanes and public car parks etc.

Why this is a problem?

  • Uncontrolled waste disposal can be hazardous to the public, children and their pets.
  • Illegal dumped waste can damage the environment including wildlife and waterways.
  • Fly tipping is unsightly and damage the appeal and value of an area.
  • Fly tipping is illegal and costs the taxpayers Millions

We can come remove this type of waste the same day or night and dispose of it correctly.

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